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Diploma in Industrial Automation (Mechatronic)

School Of Engineering, Skill Diploma

The main objective of this course is to train the students with skills and knowledge as to prepare them to pursue careers as technicians and engineers in related industry sectors especially in production and manufacturing industry. The study course involves aspects of Automation such as PLC, Pneumatic & Hydraulic, Servo System, etc. SEVENTY (70) percent of the course is fully emphasized on practical training/hands on training. Moreover, this course is also been awarded as Skill Diploma by the Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia.
Career & Academic Development Unit (CADev) has been established by College MCS to synchronize course contents to constantly meet the needs and expectations of the industry. Therefore, graduates will have the opportunity to be more prepared because they are equipped with knowledge and skills which will ensure their career development in private or government sectors.
Level 2
  • Industrial Automation Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Industrial Automation Computer Aided
  • Design and Drafting
  • Industrial Automation Fabrication & Sub
  • Assembling Industrial Automation
  • Installation Industrial Automation System Maintenance
Level 3
  • Industrial Automation Engineering
  • Drafting Supervision
  • Industrial Automation Fabrication & Sub
  • Assembling Supervision
  • Industrial Automation Installation
  • Supervision
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Maintenance Supervision
  • Industrial Automation Engineering Unit
  • Supervisory Function
Level 4
  • Industrial Automation System Design
  • Industrial Automation System Fabrication
  • Industrial Automation Installation and Commissioning
  • Industrial Automation System Maintenance
  • Industrial Automation Project
  • Management Assistance
  • Industrial Automation Engineering
  • Departmental Management Assistance
  • Industrial Automation Research and Development Assistance

Entry Requirements

  • PASSED Malay or English Language in SPM


2 ½ Years and 3 Months of Industrial Training (Compulsory)

Study Mode

Full Time

Study Loan

  • Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK)

Career Opportunities

  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Supervisor
  • Trainer
  • PLC Programmer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Supervisor / Machine Operator
  • Automation Maintenance


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