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Diploma in Food and Beverage

School Of Hospitality, Skill Diploma

Diploma in F&B is a qualification for graduates whom are ambitious to venture in restaurant and hotel industry. This programme intends to give proper vocational training, knowledge and other trainings appropriate to food handling, beverage servicing, supervising in restaurant and hotel environment. The programme trains the students according to recognized international standards in customer service. Moreover, the course has been designed to emphasize training on the basics of practical more than theory. Students whom have successfully completed the course will be awarded Diploma in Food and Beverage, recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource.
Career & Academic Development Unit (CADev) has been established by College MCS to synchronize course contents to constantly meet the needs and expectations of the industry. Therefore, graduates will have the opportunity to be more prepared because they are equipped with knowledge and skills which will ensure their career development in private or government sectors.
Level 2
  • F&B Hygiene and Work Safety Practice
  • F&B Basic Service Operation Preparation
  • F&B Guest Service Operation Function
  • Beverage Service Operation Function
  • Food Service Operation Function
Level 3
  • F&B Operation and Service Supervision Activities
  • F&B Guest Reservation Operation
  • Specialized Food & Beverage Service
  • F&B Eventuality and Complaint Handling
  • F&B Supervisor Function
  • Food and Beverage Administrative Function
Level 4
  • F&B Outlet Policies Management
  • F&B Outlet Administration Management
  • F&B Outlet Personnel Development Management
  • F&B Outlet Sales & Marketing Management
  • F&B Outlet Service Operation Equipment – Management

Entry Requirements

  • PASSED Malay or English Language in SPM


2 ½ Years and 3 Months of Industrial Training (Compulsory)

Study Mode

Full Time

Study Loan

  • Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK)

Career Opportunities

  • Server
  • Food & Beverage Captain
  • Food & Beverage Supervisor
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Banquet Manager
  • Trainer
  • Able to pursue studies (DLKM)


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