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Objektif Kursus Pengajian

Master of Education (MEd) programme is offered as a blended learning programme by Ausia e University, a leading dual mode university recognised by 31 member countries in the Asia Corporation Dialogue (ACD). The MEd programme is aimed at individuals who are interested in enchancing their professional competency in specialised areas of education. It is a fully accredited programme by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) under the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Learning Objectives Able to analyse current trends and issues in education Able to promote the effective use of technology in a learner-centred environment Able to engage in critical and reflective analysis leading to the integration and application of a variety of research-based methods and processes in the classroom. Able to conduct and report research that contribute to the solution and development of a positive intellectual climate in various educational settings. Able to assume instructional and curriculum leardership roles in their respective educational institutions Able to adopt multiple approaches in assessing and evaluating diverse student learning

Kerjaya (CADev)

College MCS menubuhkan CADev iaitu Career & Academic Development Unit bagi menyelaraskan kandungan kursus supaya sentiasa memenuhi tuntutan dan kehendak sektor industri. Dengan itu, para graduan dari College MCS akan lebih bersedia kerana dilengkapi dengan ilmu pengetahuan dan kemahiran yang bakal menjamin kerjaya mereka dalam sektor awam atau swasta.

Syarat Kelayakan

Bachelor's Degree in Education recognised by AeU Senate, OR Possess a degree and teaching experience or related experience for a period of 2 years, OR Open entry qualification recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education. Malaysia : > Be at least 35 years old > Possess STPM/diploma or its equivalent > Provide evidence or prior learning experience and/or knowledge relevent to the programme, OR Other qualification recognised by AeU Senate.

Tempoh pembelajaran

5 Semester (20 Bulan - 13 + 1 Project Paper

Mod pembelajaran

Part Time Fully Online Blended Learning

Pinjaman Pendidikan

If you pay the full semester fee before Week 3 of that semester, you are entitled for a 10% discount If you perform very well in one semester, you may be eligible for the AeU Merit Scholarship which entitles you to a waiver of the tuition fee for the next semester  


Core 1. Research Methods in Education 2. Statistics in Education 3. Qualitative Research Methods in Education 4. Philosophical Ideas in Education 5. Sociology of Education 6. Learning and Cognition 7. Educational Assessment 8. Curriculum Design and Development 9. Models of Instruction 10. Fundamentals of Instruction Technology Specialisations (Choose 1) A. TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE B. NURSING EDUCATION C. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION D. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY E. INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY F. EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT G. SCIENCE EDUCATION H. EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION I. CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION J. HIGHER EDUCATION TEACHING  

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