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Course Objective

The main objective of the course is to educate and train students whom are keen in the areas of creativity, innovation and have expertise in every aspect of multimedia in accordance with the fast developing of information communication and technology (ICT) sector. The course intends to prepare students with the centric training and knowledge of graphic, multimedia and design.

Career (CADev)

Career & Academic Development Unit (CADev) has been established by College MCS to synchronize course contents to constantly meet the needs and expectations of the industry. Therefore, graduates will have the opportunity to be more prepared because they are equipped with knowledge and skills which will ensure their career development in private or government sectors.

Entry Requirements

PASSED SPM with minimum of THREE (3) credits in any subjects including Pendidikan Seni, OR PASSED Polytechnic Cert in related field or equivalent, OR PASSED Community College Cert or equivalent, in related field with ONE (1) year of working experience or ONE (1) semester experience of bridging program, OR Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.


2 ½ Years and 1 Semester of Industrial Training (Compulsory)

Study Mode

Full Time

Study Loan

PTPTN Education Financing Scheme Bank Rakyat State Foundation (Yayasan Negeri)  

Career Oppurtunities

Web Page Designer Graphic Designer Broadcasting and WebTV Video & Camera Man Photo Editor Short Film Producer Director Digital Illustrator Image Designer Cyber Entrepreneur 2D/3D Animator  

Year 1 Subjects

Pengajian Malaysia Business English Business Principles Graphic Design Basic Drawing Typography Pengajian Islam / Pendidikan Moral Business Communication Creative Multimedia Digital Photography Packaging Design  

Year 2 Subjects

Graphic Reproduction 2D Animation Digital Visualisation Web Management Web Design and Publishing Project Management Digital Auto Production Digital Publishing Bahasa Kebangsaan 3D Animation Advertising Design Creative Branding  

Year 3 Subjects

Internship Video Editing E-Business Occupational English Entrepreneurship Development Project  

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