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    The establishment of College MCS as a higher education provider undoubtedly has made an impact in the nation journey to be a developed country. In line with the government aspiration to have a professional workforce by the year 2020, College MCS aim to be the best Higher Education provider and a Professional Skills Development Centre. Since its inception in the sphere of Higher Education, College MCS have prudently plan and implement various programs that accentuate on Information and Communication Technology as well as Management.

    As a Higher Learning Institution, College MCS has successfully achieved many milestones in its voyage. The mark of excellence is represented by the relentless effort to introduce new and relevant program as well as high number of student enrolment in various programs every year. Looking in to the future, College MCS will take another big leap in education by introducing e-campuses. The demand for a flexible learning time is on the rise and College MCS is eager to fulfil that demand by the year 2020.

    To enhance the teaching and learning environment, the infrastructure in College MCS is always under continuous improvement. Classes and Labs are equipped with state of the art technology and lecturers practices creative and non-monotonous methods. On top of that, College MCS ensure all students have the chance to practice their knowledge by setting up adequate simulation facilities such as mock office which have the look and feel of a real office, a mock hotel for hospitality training and a mock kindergarten for early childhood education exposure. College MCS realize that student performance and accomplishment is the main yard-stick in reflecting the genuine capability and capacity of a Higher Learning provider. This seamlessly matched with College MCS previous and current Corporate Social Responsibility programs that converge on student development. The formation of special fund under the "Lifelong Learning Scholarship" and "RM 1 Juta 1 Malaysia Scholarship" together with the distribution of free laptop is the manifestation of College MCS will and determination.

    Beside the monetary and material aid, College MCS have taken a step further by providing emotional and spiritual support to students. Mentor Mentee, Smart Camp and Parent-Student-Lecturers meeting are among the on-going initiatives planned and implemented for all students. As for the academic pathway for students, College MCS offers complete routes that encompass all learning stages from certificate, diploma, bachelor degree and master degree programs. Our entire program has been validated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency and Ministry of Education. Our competency and eminence is well measured and recognized via MyQuest. The variety of program in College MCS is a very good exposure for all especially the students and lecturers as it headed to attain the College University prominence

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